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 2nd International Festival


Dear Families,

This year will be hosting our 2nd International Festival at Lowrie Primary School on April 28th. We hosted our first International Festival in 2015 and it was an incredible success! I remember being so proud of our school that night. Coming into the gym and seeing all the incredible cultures, languages and life stories on such beautiful display was absolutely awe-inspiring. We have so many different countries of origin represented in our school and so many cultures that help to make Lowrie such an amazing community. Walking around the gym one could learn about cultures, taste foods, see pictures and participate in a range of activities that all inspired a strengthening in the bonds that hold us together so tightly.

I am so excited that we will be hosting this event again this year. I know that the more we know each other, the more we learn from and with each other and the more we celebrate the diversity that binds us together, the stronger our entire school community will be. Lowrie is an exceptional place due to the wonderful children, families and staff that care so deeply and make our school such a welcoming place for all. International Night is just another example of our community’s spirit of welcome, joy and belief in the power of coming together.

There will be much more information coming home in the weeks to come. The committee that is organizing the event is seeking families who would be willing to share about their culture and heritage and to participate in this important evening. You can get more information at Please also see the beautiful display that is in the library.

I feel so honored to be a part of such a vibrant and diverse community.

With appreciation,


  Festival Internacional

Estimadas Familias,international-1

Este año estaremos será el anfitrión de nuestro 2º Festival Internacional de la Escuela Primaria Lowrie el 28 abril. Nosotros fuimos anfitriones del nuestro primer festival en el 2015 y fue un éxito ¡increíble! Recuerdo estar tan orgulloso de nuestra escuela ese día. Llegar al gimnasio y ver todas las culturas increíbles, lenguajes y diferentes maneras de vivir en una demostración que fue absolutamente inspiradora. Tenemos tantos países de origen diferentes representados en nuestra escuela y muchas culturas que ayudan a Lowrie a ser una comunidad maravillosa.  Caminar alrededor del gimnasio uno puede aprender acerca de culturas, probar comidas, ver fotografías y participar en un rango de actividades que inspiraron un refuerzo de los lazos que nos unen fuertemente.

Estoy emocionado que celebraremos este evento otra vez este año.  Sé que mientras más nos conocemos, más aprendemos unos de los otros, y con todos; mientras más celebremos la diversidad que nos une, más fuerte nuestra comunidad entera será. Lowrie es un lugar excepcional debido a los maravillosos niños, familias y personal que se preocupan profundamente y hacen de nuestra escuela un lugar de bienvenida para todos. La Noche Internacional es solo otro ejemplo de nuestro espíritu de bienvenida, alegría y creencia en el poder de unión.

Habrá mucha más información que llegará a casa en las semanas a venir.  El comité que está organizando el evento está buscando familias que estén dispuestas a compartir acerca de su cultura y herencia y participen en esta tarde importante. UD puede obtener más información en . Porfavor también vean la bella demostración que está en la biblioteca.

Me siento honrado de ser parte de esta vibrante y diversa comunidad.

Con Aprecio,


 Mr. Meigs in Antarctica

El Sr. Meigs en la Antártica


Want to volunteer? Please contact your child's teacher or office staff

Quiere ser volutario? Por favor contacte al maestro de su estudiante o al personal de oficina


Pick-up, Drop off and Parking Information 


• We welcome parents to drop off their children in the gym in

the morning or to meet them after school each day. 

• It is important to be mindful of families walking to their cars –

please drive slowly in the parking lot.

• If you are coming into the school, to please park in the

parking lot. I realize that parking is tight, but if you would like to

pick up your child by the buses, we ask that you park in the

parking lot.

• Please only use the handicap slots if you have a handicap

parking permit.

• The curbside is meant just for dropping off and picking up

only. It is very important that drivers remain at the wheel

while waiting for you child. I know that it can get busy,

especially during dismissal, but our goal is to keep the curbside

flowing as much as possible. 

• Parents parking in the parking lot and not along the curb in

will certainly help with overall flow within the parking lot.

• Parents are certainly welcome to drop-off and pick-up their

children out by the entry plaza in the back of the school. This

can be a more efficient and quick way to collect your child

at the end of the day.

Want to volunteer? Please contact your child's teacher or office staff
Quiere ser volutario? Por favor contacte al maestro de su estudiante o al personal de oficina
Club K provides childcare before and after school at Lowrie Primary.